About Us

Inishowen Farms is a family business. We’ve been in our current location since 1996, specializing in perennials. In 1995, we opened a garden center in Wales, MA, where we sold annuals, vegetables and perennials. The next year we moved the operation to our home in North Brookfield, MA. And we’ve been growing ever since!

     We grow our perennials without the benefit of man-made heat. In other words, some of the cuttings begin life inside one of our two greenhouses but are only heated by the warmth of the sun. These plants are moved outdoors at the earliest possible time, to be sure they are cold-toughened and ready for your garden.

     The majority of our perennials spend all their lives outdoors. This means that not only are they hardy enough for New England gardens, but our plants are doing what they would in an actual garden. In other words, our plants bloom at the same time they will when planted. This also means that some varieties aren’t available until later in the season ~ because that’s when they start growing in a garden. In addition, we rotate our stock so that you are always choosing from a fresh selection, not leftovers.

Mark Doherty

    Mark’s interest in plants and horticulture began early in life. He maintained a beautiful, if small, garden outside his family’s apartment building while growing up in Brookline, MA. In his teens, he worked with Harvard Botanical replanting the Franklin Park Zoo. He graduated from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture in 1983. Mark has over 30 years of experience growing and caring for plants.

Tammy Doherty

     Tammy grew up in a greenhouse family. Some of her early recollections include being woken up in the middle of the night by her parents, to go see the Night-blooming cereus in their greenhouse. She has worked in horticulture related fields most of her life but also has a background as a veterinary technician. Tammy loves the look of an English Cottage Garden, but has yet to find time to plant one of her own.