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What Bedding Is Safe for Gerbils?

Having pets can definitely be incredible, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to make sure that you are there in every need of your pet and nowhere should you be ignoring their wants. There are various perks of having a pet at home. So, if you have also got one, make… Read More »

How Often Do You Feed a Guinea Pig?

There are many wonderful small furry and cute animals, which are the young children’s favourite. Many parents considered that a cat or dog is too much of commitment and it is often too big to be an ideal pet for the small children. The guinea pig is a perfect choice for children’s and will happily… Read More »

Welcome to Inishowen Farm

We began specializing in perennials in 1996. Since then, our selection has greatly increased, while our farm size has virtually stayed the same. How can that be? We sell fresh plants, not “left overs.” This means we are constantly growing new crops to replace what has already sold. Also, our perennials are grown and offered… Read More »