Hostas are exceedingly popular perennials in today’s gardens due to their versatility in the landscape. Their subtle colors, tall flower scapes, and broad, coarse leaves fill a niche in garden designs that few other plants can achieve. Their large leaves provide excellent coverage for dying bulb foliage.

The wide variety of shapes, sizes and leaf colorings available make Hostas an indispensable part of any landscape design. Ranging in height from 4” to 40”, there’s a Hosta for every need. Leaves can be narrow, lance shaped or as wide as 20”, apple green to blue or variegated. A garden consisting solely of Hosta exhibits the colors and textures of a finely crafted quilt.

Hostas thrive in partial shade, locations getting no more than 6 hours of sun each day. Hot afternoon sun can be deadly to Hosta. They do well in average soil, but like moist, well drained, highly organic soil best.  Hostas also grow well in city environments where the air may be polluted by car exhaust, etc.


Hosta available at Inishowen Farms:

Allan P. McConnell – Small, dark green leaves with narrow bright white margins, forms tight compact mounds, 12” tall (flower height = 16”) lavender flowers

August Moon – Large, heart-shaped leaves bright gold to chartreuse in color, 20” tall (flower height = 24”) pale lavender flowers

Blue Angel – Gigantic, heart-shaped blue-green leaves, 36” tall (flower height = 48”) white flowers

Blue Umbrellas – Blue-green leaves are large and umbrella shaped, 32” tall (flower height – 40”) pale lavender flowers

Diamond Tiara – Small, medium green leaves with crisp white, wavy edges, 14” tall (flower height – 27”) purple flowers

Fortunei Aureomarginata – Green leaves with golden yellow margins, 18-24” tall (flower height – 40”) purple flowers

Fragrant Blue – Slightly wavy, chalky blue leaves, 18” tall (flower height – 22”) purple flower

Fragrant Bouquet – Light apple-green leaves with pale yellow to creamy margins, 20” tall (flower height – 36”) white flower


Francee  – Medium to dark green leaves with clean white margins, 14” tall (flower height – 30”) purlple flowers

Frances Williams –  Giant, blue-green leaves with wide, chartreuse to yellow margins, 22” tall (flower height – 30”) white flowers

Gold Standard – Green edged leaves have center of light green in spring, becoming more gold as summer progresses, 20” tall (flower height 30”) purple flowers

Golden Tiara – Small medium green leaves with wide, chartreuse margins, 15” tall (flower height – 24”) purple flowers

Hadspen Blue – Powdery steel-blue leaves, 14” tall (flower height – 24”) purple flowers

Krossa Regal – Frosty blue-green leaves with vase-like habit, 40” tall (flower height – 48”+) purple flowers

Minuteman – Very dark green leaves with wide pure white margin, 18” tall (flower height – 24”) purple flowers

Patriot – Dark green leaves with white streaked margins, 22” tall (flower height – 30”) purple flowers

Pilgrim – Light grey-green leaves with wide creamy margins, 12” tall (flower height – 22”) purple flowers

Robert Frost – Blue-green leaves with creamy yellow to white margins, 23” tall (flower height – 30”+) white flowers

Sagae – Huge, frosted blue-green wavy leaves with yellow to creamy white margins, 28” tall (flower height – 38”+) purple flowers

September Sun – Corrugated golden yellow leaves with green margins, 26” tall, white flowers

Summer Fragrance – Medium green leaves with narrow creamy margin, 24” tall, lavender flowers

Tokudama Aureonebulosa – Corrugated leaves have wide, streaked, blue-green margins and chartreuse centers which turn gold by midsummer, 15” tall (flower height – 24”) white flowers

Tokudama Flavocircinalis – Corrugated leaves have blue-green centers and chartreuse margins, 17” tall (flower height – 25”+) white flowers

Undulata Albomarginata – Medium green leaves with wavy white margins, 18” tall (flower height 31”+) pale lavender flowers

Whirlwind –  Dark green, streaked margins with an ever-changing center: white with greenish veining in spring, turns light green in midsummer and finally dark green in late summer, 20” tall (flower height – 30”) purple flowers

Wide Brim – Dark green leaves with irregular buttery-yellow margins, 16” tall (flower height – 24”) purple flowers

Winfield Blue – Powdery, blue-green, wavy, lance-shaped leaves, 10”-18” (flower height – 20”-28”) lavender flowers