How Often Do You Feed a Guinea Pig?

By | November 19, 2019

There are many wonderful small furry and cute animals, which are the young children’s favourite. Many parents considered that a cat or dog is too much of commitment and it is often too big to be an ideal pet for the small children. The guinea pig is a perfect choice for children’s and will happily sit on your child lap in the evening being petted. However, the guinea pig is a small pet animal and your pet expenses are very low comparing to other animals. These guinea pigs are housed in the cage and pig hutch where the hutch is usually kept outside the house where primarily constructed of wire and timber though metal is also a good material for construction of hutches. The majority of the guinea hutches sold in the pet shops where it is not difficult to make your own cage and if you are handy can construct the cage for your small pet at quite cheap price.

Feeding the food to the guinea pig is very easy and it is not difficult to feed for the guinea pig but you also need to learn a little bit about what they should eat and what they don’t need to eat only then your little pet can stay healthy and stronger. The guinea pigs need plenty of hay for the roughage and when you provide the fresh vegetables leave like spinach or broccoli then your guinea pig will eat happily and as well as you can provide fruits like pears and apples. In which you need to avoid some foods such as like cabbage and lettuce because these foods can give diarrhea problem to your guinea pig. There are numbers of best guinea pig food are available in the market where you can find those foods in the pet shops or on online pet stores in which the guinea pigs eat the grass well where you can often provide grass to your little pet.

Review of the guinea pig food

How Often Do You Feed a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pig food is one of the highest rated cavy foods on the market in which the guinea pig food is a complete food, where it contains all the nutrients with it. The food of guinea pig contains the extra dose of the vitamin C which is a vital supplement to their cavies.  Most of the guinea pigs have been found to love gerty, where this is because its taste has been developed over time to appeal the piggies more. So, basically the guinea pig food follows the recipe much superior thing to other foods both by the way of taste and nutrient. The chief ingredients of the guinea pig food includes the vegetables extract and vegetables, essential vitamins, sugars, protein, fats, minerals and variety of plant seeds.

The healthy mix can be provided to your guinea pig certainly but ensure that the seeds contained in the food can cause the baby pigs to turn away in which even guinea pigs with grown up cavies sometimes leaves the seed inside the bowl. Apart from providing the higher nutritional content food to your guinea pig, you also need to make guinea pig to do some exercises. Feed the well cooked rice and vegetables to your guinea pig by making the food to chew and bite the food completely.

Key elements of the quality guinea pig foods

How Often Do You Feed a Guinea Pig?

There are foods available in the market for the guinea pigs where all those foods are not found to be healthy and quality for your guinea pig pet animal. If you want your guinea pig to live a long and happy life then you need to choose the best food to feed your guinea pig. Before feeding the food to your little pet ensure that you feed your pet with the quality of food to eat each and every day. The following are some of the guide which you need to consider for choosing the perfect and best food for little loving pet friend. They are.

  • Nuggets/pellets – Pellets rather than the muesli should be offered to your little guinea pig pet on the daily basis. Choose a pellet for your pet that is made up of plants, vegetables, fibre and seeds where this is because the guinea pigs are vegetarians where you should not add the non-Vega items in your guinea pig diet. The nuggets are made from timothy or alfalfa which can be great addition to your guinea pigs food diet.
  • Hay/grass – This is a most important part in your guinea pig diet and it should always be readily available. In which you may also enjoy eating the dried hay or fresh grass. If you don’t want to buy the special grass such as timothy hay into your backyard then you find the quality of grass to your pet.
  • Freshness – The majority of your pet’s diet will be made up of pellets, the fresh food is found to be an important part of the guinea pig nutrient diet. The fresh food of the guinea pig allows your pet to get the added nutrients that it needs such as vitamin c and you can give fresh food to eat.

The above three tips will help you to ensure that your little guinea pig has the highest quality of the food to eat. Choose to nurture the health of your little pet by feeding it with a balanced diet food. Starting from the pellets to fresh veggies and fruits, ensure that your pet get the best of the best food.

What type of food is found to be best for your guinea pig?

How Often Do You Feed a Guinea Pig?

The guinea pig food supply is a very basic need for all cavies where you need to provide the right amount of food to your guinea pig in order to keep your little pet stay healthy and stronger.

  • Provide the food pellets and vitamin c tablets to your guinea pig
  • Provide the fresh vegetables and fruits to your pig
  • Include the hay food in the guinea pig main diet chart
  • Provide your guinea pig water and food

Apart from the other food items the fresh grass and hay is found to be the best guinea pig food where you can provide this food often to your little pet where this will help your pet to be stay stronger and healthier throughout its lifespan.