Plant Selections

 We carry a large selection of “classic” perennial choices such as:

Astilbe      Bee Balm      Black-eyed Susan      Butterfly Bush      Columbine      Coral Bells      Coreopsis      Creeping Phlox      Daylily      Delphinium      Hen&Chicks      Hosta      Lupine
Ornamental Grasses      Purple Coneflower      Russian Sage      Salvia      Sedum      Shasta Daisy      Tall Phlox

Pictured: Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower and Shasta Daisy
Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.   

In addition

 to the typical choices you would expect to find, we also have a large variety of ‘designer’ perennials. These are common varieties with uncommon characteristics.
Add color and texture to your garden with these ideas!
Coral Bells (Heuchera): ‘Pinot Gris’, ‘Pinot Noir’, ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Mocha’ and ‘Green Spice’ ~ all great in combination with the traditional ‘Palace Purple.’   Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.

Knock Out Roses!

We’ve got ’em! Nothing is more eye-catching than these low-growing, easy maintainence roses. Choose from Knock Out (red), Double Knock Out, Pink Knock Out, Double Pink Knock Out, Blushing Knock Out, Rainbow Knock Out and Sunny Knock Out.
Pictured: Knockout Rose (red)


     Want to add some daylilies to your gardens? Need a splash of vibrant color? Or maybe you’re looking for a perennial that will bloom throughout the summer.
Stella De Oro daylilies rebloom from early summer to fall, in bright gold that always makes the heart feel lighter.
At Inishowen Farms, we have daylilies in a range of colors and blooming times to fit your needs.
Pictured: Alabama Jubilee
photo courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.

     Looking for perennials that go well together? Each of our plants are marked to let you know how much sun and what type of soil they need. Signs posted along the benches give suggestions for companions for each plant.
best results, be sure to have a variety of bloom times, as well as different heights and textures. Planting in groups of 3 gives a natural look, while a mass planting of individual flowers will give you a stunning show of colors.
Pictured: Daylily, Russian Sage and Ornament Grass. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.

Theme Garden?

     If you have a special theme in mind, we can help. From shade garden to butterfly garden, we’ve got loads of perennials to choose from. Ask for our “Guide to Perennial Gardening” as a tool to help in your selections.
Pictured: a selection of Hosta along a woodland path

More Shrub Roses!

We have Home Run, Knock Out, Oso Easy, Meidiland, Carefree, The Fairy, and more!
Pictured: Home Run Pink