What Bedding Is Safe for Gerbils?

By | February 18, 2020

Having pets can definitely be incredible, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to make sure that you are there in every need of your pet and nowhere should you be ignoring their wants. There are various perks of having a pet at home. So, if you have also got one, make sure that you are doing everything to provide ultimate comfort to your pet. Starting right from food, its entertainment to its sleeping bed – everything should be properly taken care of at proper times. Imagine having a Gerbil as your pet, they can be quite delicate to handle and it is truly difficult to take care of their needs. You have to extra careful when you are doing so. Just like you need to make their feeding safe, you must also make their bedding safe. If you are looking for the best bedding for gerbils, then you can definitely find plenty.

Why Do Gerbils need the best bedding?

What Bedding Is Safe for Gerbils?

You need to make sure to provide your pet gerbil with the best housing as well as the best environment for its well-being. You can, in a way, say that it is the ultimate priority to provide the best bedding for gerbils. There should definitely be a very comfortable cage that you must pick for your pet gerbil from the pet store. However, it is not just the cage but the bedding inside that should be given the most attention to. Gerbils look for ultimate comfort when it comes to considering their bedding. This is mostly because they belong to the family of rodents and burrowing is in their nature. Even they put a lot of thought and hard work into making their own bedding by finding the right kind of tools. Even the owners need to do the same for them as a perfect place for their resting.

What are the materials needed for Gerbil bedding?

What Bedding Is Safe for Gerbils?

There are various ingredients and materials that are essential for making the best and comfortable bedding for your pet gerbil. These materials need to be very suitable so that they do not cause any trouble to your gerbil. Apart from being suitable, they must also be safe and not cause any kind of allergies to your pet gerbil.

Another thing that you need to consider while thinking about the bedding of your gerbil is that it must not have a very strong odor. A strong odor can whatsoever prevent your pet gerbil to enter the cage, thus, refusing to sleep on it. So, here are some of the best bedding for gerbils that you can definitely use for your own pet at your house.

  • Wood Aspen – The shavings of the material wood aspen can prove to be quite effective for your pet Gerbil. They provide the ultimate comfort as well as suitability to your gerbil. These wood shavings are usually kiln-dried and have a very mild and natural scent. This scent actually attracts your pet gerbil inside the cage. There is absolutely no dust present in the shavings that might cause any kind of allergies to your pet. It is also devoid of any sort of harmful oils that other materials might contain and generally are quite strong-scented. You can find no bacteria, mold, or even fungus growing on these shavings as they have the ability to absorb quite a lot of moisture into it. This is what provides ultimate safety to your pet gerbil along with its environment.
  • Bedding of natural paper – These papers are 100% natural and can provide comfort to your pet gerbil to a great extent. Most of all, it has the capability of absorbing a lot of moisture from the environment that prevents the attack of any kind of fungus, molds or bacterias. Thus, your pet gerbil gets its completely secured bedding without causing any harmful rashes.

These natural papers are completely pre as well as unbleached. This also ensures an added safety to your pet gerbil. These paper beddings can even expand to quite a large volume and are definitely a value of money bedding material. There are no harmful chemicals or any kind of harmful additive that can affect your pet gerbil in any way.

  • Timothy Hay Bedding – Timothy hay is the best option to consider when it comes to making comfortable bedding for your pet gerbil. Just like it is the best and healthiest ingredient to add in the diet list of your pet gerbil, it is also nest material for their bedding. They can dig tunnels in this hay bedding. You need to freeze the timothy hay more two days straight before using them as your pet’s bedding.

This helps in killing any sort of parasites or pests that might be present within the hay. You need to be also sure to defrost the hay properly and dry it completely before you finally use them for your pet gerbil. You can add cardboard shavings along with the hay for providing your pet gerbil with added comfort.

What Bedding material You Should Not Use For Your Gerbil?

What Bedding Is Safe for Gerbils?

Just like some of the above materials can prove to provide ultimate comfort to your pet gerbil, similarly, there are other materials that can be equally dangerous. Some of these really harmful bedding materials for your pet gerbil are newspaper, any kind of fluffy bedding material, pine bedding, as well as cedar bedding. The fibers, dyes, and inks that these materials contain can be easily inhaled by your pet gerbil while they breathe, thus causing severe respiratory problems.

These bedding materials are definitely the most terrible choices that you can make for your pet. Your pet gerbil can even easily chew or eat these materials that can ruin their entire digestive system. Knowing how fragile and delicate your pet gerbil can be, it would not necessarily be a very smart decision to include these as the beddings. You should never let your pet gerbil sleep on this kind of material ever in their entire pet life.