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Hardy, beautiful, classic beauty…these hydrangeas have it all and now you can, too!
Proven Winner
Let’s Dance Moonlight
A strong growing, reblooming mophead with exception flower color. Blooms on new & old growth! Flowers pink in “sweet” soil and blue in acidic soil.
Proven Winner
Let’s Dance Rhapsody Blue
Full, richly colored mophead flowers held up on sturdy stems. A tidy habit & good wilt resistance add to its appeal. Bloom color easily shifts from pink to amethyst-blue by adjusting soil pH.
Proven Winner
Produces huge flowers that open green then mature to white. Very cold hardy, blooms on new growth. Sturdy stems don’t flop like ‘Annabelle’ will. Native plant.
Choose a southern slope location, or a spot with some wind protection and grow your own vineyard! Varieties available for eating or wine-making.
America’s favorite grape. Great for juice, jams or jellies, wine, or just plain eating. Exceptional hardiness, vigor and disease resistance. Self-pollinating.
White seedless grape with excellent, honey-like flavor and juicy texture. Vigourous, fast-growing vine.
Produces flavorful, juicy red grapes perfect for eating fresh or adding to fruit salads. Makes a great healthy snack! Disease resisant; self-pollinating.


Makes a quality light red wine, normally deeply pigmented yet low in tannin. Ripens early – great for areas with short growing seasons. Self-pollinating.
Large white berries with a mild, fruity flavor. Good for use as a table grape and also makes an excellent light and fruity white wine. Suggested to plant near Concord grapes.
Also new for 2013
Flowering Crabapple Trees
We have:
Profusion (red)
Snowdrift (white)
Indian Magic (deep pink)
Centurion (pink)
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